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At Archer Services, when it comes to landscape construction service, our customers can count on our team to always bring exactness, efficiency, and expertise to your project! Why? We believe that our beginnings and years of industry expertise have afforded us a leg-up on the competition, as well as due to the education, knowledge, dedication, creative processes, and experience we have gained over the years. Moreover, we have the heart to back up and deliver on our promise to you.

Like any good company, we could go out and hire a great sales team to sell a project, but it is how that project is put together, implemented, and completed that sets us apart. At Archer Services, we stand behind our work, because this is what we’ve always done, we do it well, and it’s what we LOVE to do! To check out our work… Click Here!

Once you’ve chosen Archer Services for your Texas backyard landscaping, you can rest assured that we’re working hard for you. Our customers can expect the following landscape construction process:


We believe that we’ve created an extremely efficient machine.

The speed at which we will complete your project will astonish you. However, our definition of speed is not to be confused with rushing through projects or moving too fast to complete a project quickly.

As the providers of the landscaping services Houston residents trust, our team follows and utilizes a very specific process that allows us to move swiftly with precision and first-hand accuracy. This means that we don’t have to go back and fix errors later. We also consistently communicate with you to ensure things are done right the first time.


We communicate with you every step of the entire process.

We remain at the job site with our team to ensure the accuracy of the project so that you can proceed with normal daily-life activities, while we continue working the process. We’ll also let you know ahead of time what materials you will need to select, as well as provide you with daily updates on our progress.

Trust is the glue of the relationship we have with our clients, of which effective communication is the most essential ingredient.


Having a clean job site provides a few key benefits.

First, it creates a safer atmosphere for our team, and for you to walk around the yard. However, since this is still a working construction site, there will be a few times when things will look and seem a bit in disarray.

Yet overall, we understand the importance of cleanliness and organization, as it also aids in the efficiency of the project. Rest assured that at Archer Services, we respect you, your property, and your neighbors.


This is the key to creating something that will last a lifetime!

Continual education and training are the strongest points of our foundation. We jump at every opportunity to better ourselves through landscape construction training in the following areas:

  • Ponds & Waterfalls – We have attended multiple Aquascape Training Classes.
  •  Paver & Paver Wall Installation – Certified ICPI Paver Installer
  •  Irrigation – We are Licensed Irrigators and continue our training with CEU courses
  •  Drainage & Grading– We have taken college courses in Surveying and Grading at Texas Tech University
  •  Planting – We have taken college courses in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Texas Tech University
  •  Planning, Development, and Site Analysis – Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Tech University in Landscape Architecture.
  •  Turf Installation & Management – Degree from TSTC in Waco for Landscape Design & Maintenance
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At Archer Services, we have a true passion to create both functional and fantastic spaces; as such, this is not just a job to us, it’s a way of LIFE!  We work side by side with our crews to teach them everything we’ve learned over the years, and our teams have the same desire to learn all that they can.

Once your landscape construction project is completely put together, the result is a beautiful product that will last a lifetime, with little to no maintenance outside of general upkeep. When a project is installed correctly from the start, you ultimately save money and valued time.

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