Finally….a company that knows what they are doing!

Paul & Aaron,
I don’t have your last names but I suppose this will get to you regardless.

In a prior life I spent 25 years in retail. Big box, multibillion dollar companies. Although I was not in sales, the message of customer service, both to internal and external customers, was ever present. Service was always a challenge and, at some point, became a distant dream. There were simply more chiefs than Indians and terms like superlative customer service were words on a white board.

It is rare that companies, that provide any service, really put the customer ahead of sales. I suppose I’m a bit jaded because my expectations are that I will have to almost force things to be done as intended. I was pleasantly surprised and amazed that Archer provided that “superlative customer service” I thought was forgotten. Sure, anyone can dig holes and plant trees and lay sod. The difference for you is that everyone, right down to the diggers and planters, wanted to ensure we were happy with the end result. It was more than just “happy”, it was the readiness to move a tree two feet if needed!

The back story is important to understand with this project. We had a beautiful back yard last year but sod web worms destroyed about 90% of it. We decided to install a pool so I suffered through looking at a horrible yard and construction knowing that I would have it brought back to “normal” after construction. Frankly, I didn’t care how much it was going to cost. Allison seemed to understand my dismay and I felt, after her coming out, that you guys were unlike the others who provided proposals. I was not disappointed.

I have never had so much hands on contact with a company that ensured we loved what we wanted. You can’t train people for customer service, it has to be part of their DNA. It takes a company culture to form that into a philosophy that carries forward every day. Your company has certainly done that very well.

I am certain you receive compliments about your services and workmanship frequently but I’m happy to add mine to the list. I also look forward to you handling my yard’s chemical needs. Finally….a company that knows what the hell they are doing! I’m anxious for the spring to arrive so see the green return that is grass and not weeds. Thank you again for the help and look forward to a continuing relationship.


Archer has provided my lawn care for several years.

They are prompt, dependable, and professional. They do a great job…I highly recommend them!

Rick Carden

Archer Services has been an excellent company to work with.

Their staff is very helpful and will work within your budget. They respond to your calls quickly and with a professional answer. We have been very pleased with this company.

Stephanie Vizena

Always do a great job…

Ready to do the extra jobs like trimming the hedges or planting trees at reasonable cost.

Krish Raghuram

GREAT JOB! Very satisfied.

Hope Hobbs

Great service & customer service and online account service.

What more could you ask for?

Frankie Jackson

Very good at what they do and stay on schedule.

I began using Archer to come in and fix my new personal residence that another landscape company had done.   It is a new residence on 1 acre.  The first company was awful and Aaron came to my rescue and reworked my entire landscaping and drainage issues created by the first company.   My wife is getting our Butter Fly Garden registered with the Butter Fly Club in the area since it turned out so well.  In fact, I now use Archer Services on my commercial properties.   They completed the first restaurant and my upper management liked it so well, we are using them on our current restaurant under construction now and also our new 4 story office building that is also currently under construction at the same time.

Allen Frank

Love these guys.

Responsive, cordial, reasonably priced and, best of all, competent.  All the family and their crews are top-notch. Aaron understood our desire for simplicity and did not try to oversell in any way.  The installation was seamless, with special attention to clean up. They returned within a couple of days to make adjustments that I wanted — all with a smile on their faces. Great team.

Sharon Trayan

We have used Archer since  they started their business.

We have used Archer since  they started their business.  They designed a beautiful pond in our backyard and the landscaping is breathtaking.  Any little problem that has cropped up has been responded to immediately.  They take pride in their work and it shows.  I use them for all my yard needs

Mary Benning

I have been happy with the responsiveness of Archer’s team.

When I see an issue with my landscaping or lawn  and need someone to take a look, it is usually within a day or two. They always follow through on what they commit to. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs landscape or lawn design or maintenance.

Nathan Jeppson

If you care about your yard…call Archer!

Archer is the first shop that understands what it takes to have the nicest yard in the neighborhood.  The owners knowledge surpasses that of any other crew we found in The Woodlands.

Brandon Schwertner

I wholeheartedly recommend Archer Services for landscaping.

Archer Services provides very knowledgeable and creative solutions to landscaping problems for home or office. Aaron Doud is an exceptional professional and can be trusted to provide great value in landscaping services for his clients.

Dawn Necomer

We are new to Texas & what landscaping that works here.

Archer is very professional & informative.  They are always available to answer our questions & address any concerns we may have.  So far they have redone our front landscaping & we are looking forward to them redoing our backyard.

Stephen F.

I have known & worked with Archer for more than three years.

Every time I call, they are incredibly polite, very responsive and on target with their ideas.  I have such confidence that most of my dealings now require only a phone call explaining what I think I want –  and they have delivered landscaping upgrades that exceed my expectations.    I just built a new pool and reached out to Aaron to start the landscaping with a clean sheet of paper, no constraints on scope.  He delivered an inspired design, with scaled computer images that allowed me to see and appreciate what the yard will look like.  Needless to say, I have already told them to start.  In short, you will get great quality and great service from Archer – I wont use anyone else.

Brad Clark

Aaron and his crew are awesome!

We hired them to plant annuals in both front and back and they doing very well. He has also followed up with several times throughout the year about doing preventative maintenance. His emails are very helpful and even includes photos! Highly recommend.

David Mark

Archer provides great service.

Their technicians provide on-time service and always show up when they are supposed to.  Archer also asks for your feedback and that’s not something all businesses do.

Lance Hagler

I have used Archer Services for the past 5 years.

They totally redesigned my landscaping in the back yard and built a beautiful enlarged  new patio.  I have had so many compliments on it and I absolutely love it! In addition they provide my weekly maintenance. They are always on time. I like the fact that the owner graduated with a degree in landscape architecture so it was very professionally done. I also like that they automatically deduct payment from my checking acct ,so that  I  don’t have the hassle of writing and mailing a check.

Cathy Harrison

Great company with great people.

We have been with Archer Services for five years and they have always taken good care of us. Lawrence P.

Lawrence Pace

What a great company.

We have been with Archer Services for five years and we really enjoyed every minute. The crew is great and always take care of any issues we may have. Great people make a great company.

Lawrence Pace

365 Machine highly recommend Archer Services.

Archer Services has done our building for the last 8 months and provide quality and reliable mowing and excellent customer service!

Carole Davis

Designed and completed a great landscape plan for new house.

Very responsive to requests and at a very reasonably priced. Their weekly lawn service is very good. Able to hand any job we ask. Would highly recommend.

Chris LaVergne

I got off to a bit of a rocky start with Archer Services.

The proposal and quoting process is a bit confusing since I was unclear as to what I was actually quoted and what I had agreed to sign up for. The day for each scheduled service was also not clearly communicated to me at the beginning. However, since Archer has been providing services in practice, I have no complaints. I especially like the ease at which I can pay my invoices on-line.

James Hansen

Archer services are a great, honest company.

No matter what questions or concerns I may have they make sure they answer all of my questions and concerns and make sure things are right in the end. The guys are great to work with. I use them for all of our lawn needs.

Michael Nguyen

We are satisfied with the work Archer Services have done.

Aaron, Paul and Brandi go out of their way to make sure the job is done right.  They also respond very timely to our questions or concerns regarding any of their services.  Their crews that do the actual lawn and bed maintenance are very professional and always to a good job with mowing, edging and general landscape maintenance.  Paul is also very knowledgeable about the fertilizer and has kept our grass green and bushes free of bugs and mold etc.  Archer has been the best landscaping service we have every used.

Mike Newport

These guys are amazing.

They took a blank canvas and helped create a paradise in our backyard. Top notch! Highly recommend and will continue to use them for our landscaping needs.

Cari Brown

We are overwhelmingly satisfied with the result.

We selected Archer Services over several other landscaping companies primarily for the professional and quality presentation of design and follow up that they provided. We wanted to have a design at the time that we started the building process. Aaron took our house design plans and our preferences, and within a period of a couple weeks had a 3-D computer simulation that we immediately fell in love with. After three or four one-on-one reviews while construction was taking place, we settled on fine points of what we thought would compliment the house. We are overwhelmingly satisfied with the result. Needless to say, we have received many rave reviews from neighbors and visitors about the quality look of our landscaping. It certainly compliments our home beautifully. Service and follow up were outstanding.

Herb and Barb

Aaron & Paul walked us through our landscape construction.

Happy Customer

Aaron, Brandi, and Paul always respond to our service needs.

Happy Customer

They designed something that reflected my style!

Happy Customer
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