Archer Services Landscape Design

We have worked for some of the most unique and creative designers in Houston, and have taken what we’ve learned and developed our own distinct style.  Our main goal is to develop a landscape that is not only beautiful aesthetically, but it also useful in more ways than you could have ever imagined. We take your ideas and ask you questions that you may have never thought pertained to your landscape, and develop a space that you can really USE and ENJOY.

We will meet with you at your house, listening to all ideas and thoughts that you have.  Our first meeting lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour.  Our main goal is to listen and ask a few questions to help either stimulate ideas for you, or that give us answers to questions that we need.  If you have pictures or websites where you have gotten ideas from, we will take all of that into consideration.  Once our meeting is done we will shoot a video of your property where we take measurements and verbally walk through your yard so we can remember everything later when we are designing.

For smaller jobs, we will provide a firm written estimate.  These are usually emailed within a few days of our first meeting.  Full landscape designs usually take about a week, and we will then meet back at you property where we will virtually walk through your entire landscape on our laptop.  We will walk you through each aspect that you highlighted during our first meeting and we can discuss all of the pros and cons of the design.  A full written estimate will be provided at this time as well.  No designs are left unless you decide that you would like to do the work yourself.  In that case, our price to design a personal landscape is billed out at $85 per man hour, which only includes design and estimating time.  Most designs of normal size lots are done within 3 to 6 hours.

We want you to be so absolutely delighted with our services that we will give you our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Our goal at Archer Services is to be the very best at everything we do.  We want you to be so positively thrilled about the services that you have received that you will be happy to shout our name from your roof top and exclaim to all of your neighbors, friends, and family that Archer Services is the company they have been looking for!  We do not accept our payment until you are exceptionally satisfied.  Frankly, we want to be your one source for your landscape maintenance and construction.  You are the judge, so if we have not done any part of our job up to your highest standards you let us know and we will re-do the item in question for FREE.