Construction Services

If you read our About page you are aware of how we got our start and how long we have been in the industry.

We feel that these two things give us a leg up on our competition because we have the knowledge, dedication, experience and heart to back up and deliver on all of our promises to you.  Any company can go out and hire a great sales team to sell a project, but it is how that project is put together, implemented and completed that will set us apart.  We will stand behind our work, because this is all we have ever done and it is what we LOVE to do!  While we are working for you here are just a few things that you can expect from us:

EFFICIENCY: We feel that we have created an extremely efficient machine.  The speed in which we will complete your project will astonish you.  But do not confuse speed with rushing or moving fast just to get a job done quickly.  We have a very specific process that our team follows which allows them to moves with precision and accuracy the first time, so that we do not have to go back and fix errors later on.  We also communicate with you so that things only have to be done one time.

COMMUNICATION: Need we say more?  We will communicate with you every step of the way during your project.  We will be on the job site with our team, ensuring the accuracy of the project so that you can proceed with your life as normal during your project.  We will let you know ahead of time what materials you will need to select and give you daily updates on our progress.  Should something not go as planned, you will also be notified of that.  You will be provided with a schedule at the beginning of your job, and if for any reason that schedule has to be altered, you will be notified.

CLEANLINESS: Having a clean jobsite provides several things.  It creates a safer atmosphere for our team and you to walk around the yard.  (This is still a construction site so there will be times where things will be a little messy!)  It also aids in the efficiency of the project.  It also shows you that we respect you, your property and your neighbors.

EDUCATION: This is the key to creating something that will last a lifetime!  Continual education and training are the strongest points of our foundation.  We jump at every opportunity to better ourselves through training in the following:

  • Ponds and Waterfalls – We have attended multiple Aquascapes Training Classes.
  • Paver and Paver Wall Installation – Certified ICPI Paver Installer
  • Irrigation – We are Licensed Irrigators and continue our training with CEU courses
  • Drainage and Grading– We have taken college courses in Surveying and Grading at Texas Tech University
  • Planting – We have taken college courses in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Texas Tech University
  • Planning, Development, and Site Analysis – Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Tech University in Landscape Architecture.
  • Turf Installation and Management – Degree from TSTC in Waco for Landscape Design and Maintenance

We have a true passion to create these fantastic spaces.  To us it is not just a job it is a way of LIFE.  We work side by side with our crews to teach them everything that we have learned over the years and our teams have the same desire to learn all that they can from us.

When all of this is put together you will end up with a product that will last you a lifetime with no maintenance other than general upkeep.  When a project is installed correctly from the start, it will save you money.  You will not have to spend your valuable time fixing problems, managing the job, and wasted money down the road to fix a project that was not built to stand the test of time.